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Isnin, 30 Julai 2012

Azizan Unaware Of Link Between MB Candidate With Rakyat's Issue

Kedah Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak who is famous for being ticked off easily, went berserk yesterday with National Council of Professors (MPN) when the result of their research involving GE13 issue did not favor Pakatan Rakyat.

As soon as he was told about the research, Azizan did not even consider or take a second to think why the result of the research showed that rakyat of Kedah are beginning to go back to BN, He did not realize that he has weaknesses, mistakes and that he did not listen to rakyat's claims, just like what the research found.

Instead, he responded by saying that the issue which they covered including choosing CM candidate is nothing and that it is not suitable to be focused by these scholars. he also mocked the intelligence of MPN and sarcastically mentioned that they were used by BN. He said that MPN was supposed to study much more serious issues such as issues among rakyat, developing the state and defending power.

Obviously, making fun and mocking everyone else is a normal thing among PAS leaders, as if they are the best in the world. And it is normal for the opposition to blame everything on BN if things do not go their way.

He said,This is a sad thing because scholars as them should be studying much bigger issues."

But it is sad for the people of Kedah because not just that their CM do not know anything and that he cannot do anything to solve issues, he is even too arrogant to accept criticism and would not take any responsibility. He made it look easy for one to be a CM. All he has to do is just sit around and do nothing. And if anyone ever say anything, just scream at them.

MPN do not represent BN. Their research regarding the CM candidate has its own significance for serious issues which Azizan had mentioned which is issues involving rakyat, developing the state and defending power. This is because, elected CM would decide whether those serious issues can be handled or not. If rakyat end up choosing the wrong CM like Azizan, then the result, well, the Kedah we see today.

Issues with timber, water, pollution, madrasah, tourism, investment, Malay reserve lands and KUIN which all have been debated by rakyat for a very long time that they are coming to a point of giving up. They said that there is no use telling the CM because he would end up saying that everything has been settled.

But in reality, what is settled?

The only thing that is settled is the decreasing state finance. Not even a single project which was proposed by PAS Kedah has ever been developed.

It is very sad for rakyat of Kedah to have a CM who do not even understand the link between him and serious issues among rakyat.

The fact is, Azizan is a CM who do not know technology and he do not really understand how information, even confidential matters can go viral within minutes. He do not know that rakyat have their own access to matters which he said or denied. Mocking and insulting other people would not make him a good CM.

With such small knowledge when it comes to matters regarding the state and the world, who is Azizan to insult those scholars at MPN.

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