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Selasa, 16 Oktober 2012

Azizan VS Phahrolrazi, Mahfudz Becomes CM

The problem in really wanting to be the next Chief Minister of Kedah replacing Dato' Seri Azizan Razak among PAS leaders is no longer a secret. In short, we no longer need any 'secret service' to know who's the enemy of who. Everything is simply clear.
And like we all knew, the one who really wants to position is Phahrolrazi. He had taken various methods to bring Ustaz Azizan down that it becomes a regular conversation among rakyat of Kedah.
Despite that, all of his efforts are still yet to bring any results. It gets worse as not just he could not bring Azizan down, but he has to face competition from a few other PAS leaders who also want the same position.The competitions include Mahfuz Omar. PAS's Deputy President and Pokok Sena MP. Mahfuz does not seem interested in hiding when it comes to this matter and his strategy to realize his dreams can already be seen.Considering rumors regarding Dato' Sahlan Ismail Nasution's, Political Secretary for the Prime Minister, candidacy competing under BN at his constituency, Mahfudz was rumored to have met with Dato' Sahlan for a few times to ensure that they would not meet at the same ring.This is because Mahfudz do admit that Dato' Sahlan is a better competition that he is and he is not confident that he would win if they are to fight one another. Mahfudz is hoping that Dato' Sahlan would compete for Parliament while he competes for Pokok Sena constituency. With that, he is convinced that he would become the next Chief Minister.
There are three constituencies at Pokok Sena Parliament, Bukit Lada, Bukit Pinang and Derga. Based on the result on GE12, DUN Bukit Pinang was held by Md. Roshidi Osman from PAS had recorded the highest majority win with 3,399. That is why, Bukit Pinang is seen as the most suitable platform for Mahfudz to realize his dreams.
Despite that, he cannot put aside Azizan's influence there, as well as Phahrolrazi's dream.Besides that, as he really wants to get there, he seems to have forgotten about UMNO. Does he realize that despite of his chances of winning there, he would still have to ensure that PAS would win the majority win in Kedah before he would be at the CM seat.With that, he would need to help Azizan to maintain rakyat's support for PAS at the state. And Mahfudz cannot sabotage Azizan even though he wants to become the next CM.
Could he get to where he wants? Whatever it is, the real question here is that could PAS maintain their power in Kedah? If not, then even Azizan would have to leave his position as CM.

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