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Minda Mendonan Munif Majid

Rabu, 7 November 2012


So Nurul Izzah Anwar has shown her flip-flop character way before she is even being made a Cabinet Minister if her father's plan goes through after the 13th general election, that is if Pakatan Rakyat is to win.
This time, she put her feet right in an issue where even her father's moral, let alone hers, are being questioned and debated by members of her own party which her father was appointed – not elected – as the de facto leader.
Nurul had stressed that Malaysians should not be forced to practice a certain religion and this included the Malays, which she later denied, despite her statement being carried by the party's mouthpiece Malaysiakini and another portal 1Malsysia Christians.
If what she had said was twisted and spinned by the official media as she claimed, then how come the two portals wrote the same thing as the official media?
Going by this, the public, particularly the Malays begin to ask whether Nurul Izzah said it or not but with the explanation by Shah Alam PAS MP Khalid Samad, it was confirmed that Nurul Izzah said it but taken in different context, according to Khalid.
This means Nurul Izzah did say it and did mean it as what has been interpreted by the majority, but Khalid came to the rescue, twisting probably the meaning of what Nurul Izzah said to make her look good.
Lets say Malays take her statement as explained by Khalid, still the question is - who are we to question whether we are faithful Muslims even since we have been Muslims by birth and not choice?
What Nurul Izzah tries to propagate that can win influence politically, one wonders whether she has taken after her father's skill, say the right thing with the right audience.
Here, in a forum entitled Islamic Nation: Which Version? Who is responsible?, Nurul Izzah played to the gallery, trying to fish votes, the ones her party – PKR – and other partners PAS and DAP are losing at a fast rate.
The fact is the opposition has no more issues to play up to gain back their lost influence and as such, they pick on liberalism which can strengthen the influence on non-Malays.
The fact is the Malays who supported them last time are running back to Barisan Nasional (BN) as they see and experience the lies and cheats Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has shown since they take over several states after 2008 general election.
The Malay voters have had enough of the sweet talk and empty promises and they are now wiser and smarter which leaves the Chinese and Indian voters to PR.
In this aspect, Nurul Izzah has no choice but to reflect her liberalism to attract and further convince the non-Malays.
In short, she is willing to sell what she has just to win the non-Malay votes and this is very dangerous as far as her faith in Islam is concern.


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